Varon Vehicles V200 Flying Cars in the Retail World

February 11, 2019

In November 2018 Varon Vehicles was invited to participate in an MIT roundtable where a diverse group of industry experts from academia, logistics companies, manufacturers, retailers and solutions providers gathered at MIT’s Center for Transportation & Logistics to discuss the future of retail. The attendees explored the changing needs of consumers, the dramatic decline in bricks-and-mortar retailing in the face of booming e-commerce sales and shifting consumer buying patterns and preferences. Dense urban centers are a major limiting logistical factor for supply chains.

Interesting points of discussion included how radically disruptive V200 Urban Air Mobility backed supply chains can help solve imperative logistics problems in dense urban centers, deliver freshness, how a vertical integration of our flying cars transportation systems can facilitate a way to manufacture products farther from consumption to help reduce operational costs, how it can assist in the proliferation of dark stores – a store that only fulfills online orders and is not open to the public, and other visionary benefits of the transportation of goods and courier via fleets of V200 flying cars routed over cities and suburbs. It is of interest to Varon Vehicles to engage with retail companies present in trend-setting cities such as Los Angeles, New York City, Paris and Shanghai.

Signals of the arrival of new business opportunities to the changing and mutating retail world is evident. Logistics, commercial and other related companies need to anticipate emerging needs, preferences and new channels of fulfillment and be proactive in meeting and adapting to them. The intention of Varon Vehicles is to establish transportation systems that have positive impacts both in supply chain business cases and in lifestyle by providing a new way of fast and convenient transportation for both courier and people.