Varon Vehicles is now VARON

May 22, 2022

Miami, FL – Varon Vehicles Corporation announces it has rebranded to VARON.

The company understands that the problem it is solving is urban, suburban and regional in nature and that due to its potential for disruption, it must be a brand capable of becoming an incumbent name. The company maintains its renowned logo form, highly recognized within the nascent advanced air mobility industry (AAM), maintaining the same look and identity; but now with an impacting view of its shorter name below it for easier recognition. The company has also changed its website address to, appropriately placing it in an aerial transportation services sector while maintaining its urban, suburban and regional perspective which is of such high importance.

The company has evolved its brand to better communicate the direction it is headed, with a name and website address that truly transmit its vision and potential. Varon is a disruptive mobility infrastructure company.

It is implementing Urban Air Mobility with the next generation of electric aircraft (eVTOLs) to provide potentially disruptive transportation services. Contact