Varon Vehicles Holds Meeting with FAA

July 29, 2019

Varon Vehicles has held a meeting with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to oversee the path that follows in the certification efforts of its V200 series new type of aircraft or flying cars as they are commercially referred to. Present in the meeting were FAA Aircraft Certification Service officers, Unmanned Aerial Systems Integration officers, and the FAA’s Urban Air Mobility related officers. On the Varon Vehicles side was Felipe Varon, CEO of the company, and its aeronautical engineering team and aircraft manufacturing, regulations and certification experts. The meeting was held at the FAA headquarters in Washington D.C.

The Varon Vehicles V200 series new type of aircraft concept was discussed, along with the architecture for airspace integration and operating concept being developed by the company. The FAA reflected its interest in supporting the company in all ways possible. Technical details were shared about type certification, applicable FAR chapters, industry standards for production and FAA guidance.

It was agreed that more such meetings will be held as the company continues with the innovative development of its Urban Air Mobility transportation system.