Varon Vehicles holds conversations with Andorran Government

September 3, 2018

Varon Vehicles Corporation is holding conversations with the Andorran Government and its local authorities to study the feasibility of establishing a Test Pilot Flying Cars Transportation System in this European Country.

The Andorran Government has reflected its interest to participate in Varon Vehicles’ research and development process by offering itself as a “city lab” for the company to evaluate the operation of its flying cars and transportation system design. The Andorran authorities are interested in the system becoming a reality in Andorra and elsewhere, as they understand the positive impacts of such an innovative transportation alternative. Activities that are being considered include test flights of Varon Vehicles’ flying car prototypes in Andorra, the design of virtual lanes over the city of Andorra la Vella and its surroundings for initial flying cars traffic simulations and studies of the urban implementation of the system to solve the mobility needs of the city and neighboring locations. Initial visits to Andorra and closeup conversations with the Andorran Aeronautical Authorities and other local authorities have already been held and plans are being drawn.

The architecture of the Varon Vehicles Flying Cars Transportation System gives high importance to the specific needs of the city where it is implemented. It has been recognized that these needs vary from city to city. Andorra is becoming a strong innovation hub, and it serves as a study case of a developed country for Varon Vehicles.