Varon Vehicles has joined the Canadian Advanced Air Mobility Consortium (CAAM)

April 8, 2021

Varon Vehicles has joined the Canadian Advanced Air Mobility Consortium, or CAAM, which brings together important global stakeholders for implementation of the next generation of air mobility in Canada.

Canadian Advanced Air Mobility connects Canada and the rest of the world through the future of flight. CAAM creates a unified national strategy for zero emission advanced air mobility through a regional implementation model. CAAM’s long term goal for 2040 is to have 1 in 5 aircrafts operating in Canada with zero emissions using a triple bottom line approach that considers social, economic, and environmental challenges and opportunities of this new industry.

“As a leader in the Latin American market bringing AAM to reality, CAAM’s partnership with Varon Vehicles continues to expand and showcase the importance of international collaboration with this rapidly developing industry,” says JR Hammond, CAAM’s Executive Director.

“As we strive to implement a radical new form of mobility infrastructure in the Latin American region, we are actively sharing experiences with other ecosystems in different countries around the world, and we’re now proud to join CAAM as they implement Urban Air Mobility in Canada, focused on the mobility needs for their region,” says Felipe Varon, CEO and Founder of Varon Vehicles. “There is much to share and learn from CAAM, who are globally recognized leaders of UAM in Canada. This collaboration will be instrumental in the development of our nascent UAM industry.”