Varon Vehicles Corporation becomes a Signatory of the Shared Mobility Principles

September 10, 2020

Varon Vehicles Corporation is proud to announce that it has become a signatory of the Shared Mobility Principles. It is the company’s belief that the Shared Mobility Principles are an important guide as it develops its Urban Air Mobility transportation services and their integration with other modes of transportation.

Produced in 2018 by a working group of NGOs, the Shared Mobility Principles for Livable Cities are a guiding framework for urban decision makers and stakeholders to navigate the shifting transportation landscape while prioritizing the best outcomes for all.

Urban Air Mobility is a complex nascent industry. Many companies and government agencies from around the world are hard at work to create this promising future mode of transportation. But it not only requires interdisciplinary work in engineering, aeronautics, architecture, policies, urban planning and mobility, it also requires vision, leadership and urban centric thinking. Urban Air Mobility will be viable not only if its economics are right, but also if the appropriate public acceptance is achieved and if it solves people’s and city problems.

Varon Vehicles believes people should have more time for what is valuable in life, that people should be able to move faster, safer and greener. The company believes that the highest technology and the best of innovative minds can serve the purpose of healing people’s deteriorated quality of life. This deterioration arises in great proportion from urban mobility issues. By creating a disruptive way of transportation, the company aims to tackle this in a radically innovative way in a manner that is highly replicable globally. The guidance of the Shared Mobility Principles serves as a solid basis to point the company’s development in the right direction from early stages, so the company is proud to become a signatory along with so many other reputable global mobility stakeholders.