Varon Vehicles Announces Collaboration with RTI for Implementation of Urban Air Mobility Systems

August 17, 2021

SUNNYVALE, Calif.– Aug. 17, 2021 — Varon Vehicles and Real-Time Innovations (RTI), the largest software framework company for autonomous systems, announce they will be collaborating to integrate RTI’s software connectivity framework into Varon Vehicles’ Traffic Management Systems (TMS). Varon Vehicles is developing “Infrastructure Networks” which are their vertiports with virtual, connected aerial lanes and fleets of their urban electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) next generation aircraft servicing between them. Varon Vehicles will provide diverse transportation services in different markets in pressing need of connection with these new forms of mobility infrastructure, eliminating the need for per-mile construction.

RTI Connext® DDS enables the future of UAM by supplying the robust software connectivity framework for all UAM vehicle sensors and systems to communicate vehicle intelligence in milliseconds. Connext underpins vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) and vehicle-to-infrastructure (V2I) communications with security and resilience, while enabling the vehicle management infrastructure to scale according to demand, all while optimizing control and efficiency. Additionally, Connext offers commercial RTCA DO-178C and EUROCAE ED-12C DAL A certification evidence, accelerating the path to UAM safety certification and airworthiness.

“We are proud to work with RTI as we plan for implementation of our operations and progress with the integration of the components required in our Infrastructure Networks. RTI Connext delivers the communication and data fusion capabilities necessary to enable high-end reliability and safety of all the systems we need to bring together,” says Felipe Varon, CEO and Founder. “Data management robustness, reliability, and real-time performance are critical in the highly automated environments required in our Infrastructure Networks.”

“Urban air mobility platforms and ground infrastructure systems have unique requirements and face complex challenges as they move towards wide-spread, commercial deployment,” said Chip Downing, Senior Market Development Director, A&D at RTI. “Futuristic transport systems like these provide the industry with safe, convenient options. We are pleased to work with Varon Vehicles as they drive UAM innovation and build a powerful infrastructure system for UAM in Latin America.”

Field proven in over 1,700 design wins, including over 250 autonomous systems, RTI Connext serves as the connectivity framework for both autonomous air and ground support systems. With a rich ecosystem of avionics and autonomous system partners, RTI enables rapid prototyping, accelerated development and deployment cycles, and reduced program risk.


About Varon Vehicles

Varon Vehicles Corporation is a disruptive mobility infrastructure company. It is implementing Urban Air Mobility with the new generation of electric aviation (eVTOLs) to provide radically new urban transportation services. Contact Felipe Varon,


About RTI

Real-Time Innovations (RTI) is the largest software framework company for autonomous systems. RTI Connext is the world’s leading architecture for developing intelligent distributed systems. Uniquely, Connext shares data directly, connecting AI algorithms to real-time networks of devices to build autonomous systems.

RTI is the best in the world at ensuring our customers’ success in deploying production systems. With over 1,700 designs, RTI software runs over 250 autonomous vehicle programs, controls the largest power plants in North America, coordinates combat management on U.S. Navy ships, drives a new generation of medical robotics, enables flying cars, and provides 24/7 intelligence for hospital and emergency medicine. RTI runs a smarter world.

RTI is the leading vendor of products compliant with the Object Management Group® (OMG®) Data Distribution Service™ (DDS) standard. RTI is privately held and headquartered in Sunnyvale, California with regional offices in Colorado, Spain and Singapore.

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