Varon Vehicles and Flapz Announce Collaboration

November 8, 2021

Tel Aviv, Israel, November 8th, 2021. Varon Vehicles and Flapz announce the signature of an MoU to actively collaborate in promoting access of passengers, guests and users to their Urban Air Mobility services throughout different markets. Varon Vehicles is developing a new form of mobility infrastructure composed of company vertiports with virtual lanes over the low altitude city skies connecting them, and fleets of their electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) next generation aircraft servicing between them. This new form of mobility infrastructure will not have an associated cost per-mile, making it potentially disruptive, especially in Latin America where the lack of proper mobility infrastructure is prevalent, hampering many aspects of economic development.

Colombian – Israeli startup Flapz is Latin America’s fastest-growing private aviation marketplace connecting passengers with dozens of regional certified operators. Thanks to a disruptive technology that enables near-live bookings, subscribers can search, compare, and book flights on more than 250 aircraft (from helicopters to business jets), as well as empty legs and shared seats, thus enabling access to a fast-growing base of passengers who experience private flying.

“Our company will be providing transportation services in diverse markets, including logistics, medical, government and others. We’re directing our attention first to the tourism market which offers a tremendous potential in Latin America and for which we already have technologies and aircraft available to begin implementation of our first operations”, says Felipe Varon, CEO and Founder of Varon Vehicles. “We’re announcing our collaboration with Flapz as an exciting next step in our outreach to customers as we move forward with implementation of services in Colombia. Flapz has a fresh and innovative approach to aviation services and together we will work on drawing users for our upcoming services.”

“The way we move is changing” says Ionatan Galeano, cofounder and CEO of Flapz. “Technology has delivered the opportunity to completely improve how transportation infrastructure is embedded in our cities and this is fascinating. Being able to collaborate with Varon Vehicles to disrupt how entire communities connect, with Flapz serving as a one-stop marketplace to access the world of Urban Air Mobility, will be one of our main objectives in moving forward on our quest to transform private aviation in Latin America.”

Flapz will play an instrumental role in connecting Varon Vehicles’ Urban Air Mobility ecosystem with its strategic group of users, who are actively involved in private aviation and with the key aspects surrounding the experience, time-efficiency, and the overall added value of the eVTOL industry. Furthermore, Flapz will serve as an active marketplace in Latin America for the network ran by Varon Vehicles, offering seats for initial flights and leading the overall commercialization process from operation start.

This partnership is focused on establishing the “15-minute city” concept in the Latin American political, social, and economic agenda, seeking to revolutionize how communities socialize while improving quality of life in the process and fostering socio-economic development. The possibility of a multimodal transportation infrastructure, powered by Varon Vehicle’s green eVTOL aircraft, has the potential to redefine how urban planning is executed in the region.

Varon Vehicles Corporation is a disruptive mobility infrastructure company. It is implementing Urban Air Mobility with the new generation of electric aviation (eVTOLs) to provide radically new urban transportation services.

Flapz is revolutionizing the access and digital transformation of Latin America’s private aviation ecosystem. With a disruptive technology-led business model, its marketplace connects, in almost real-time, passengers with dozens of certified regional operators for a safe and seamless booking & flying experience. With more than 250 certified aircraft available in its marketplace across Latin America, the fast-growing startup with offices in Colombia, Chile, and Israel, has committed to improve access and overall end-to-end experience of the private air industry in the continent, while actively setting best practices alongside authorities, operators, and passengers. For more, please visit: