VARON Exhibits in Bogota Smart Cities Expo

March 4, 2024

Bogota, Colombia – VARON exhibited in Bogota Smart Cities Expo 2023 to share the company’s vision and first implementation plans with Colombian stakeholders. VARON realizes the importance of public acceptance and thus in taking into consideration all stakeholders related to its first implementation plans. This is particularly true for the Colombian Civil Aviation Authority, which was present through several of its members who visited VARON’s booth at the expo and talked about the state of regulation readiness to allow the initiation of its eVTOL aircraft flights within the cooperation framework already established with the company.


Stakeholders, partners, investors and the community in general were present during the three-day expo and attentively listened to a presentation given by VARON’s Founder and CEO Felipe Varon, in which he provided a general overview of the company’s latest design releases pertaining eVTOL aircraft operation, its newest vertiport designs and airspace architecture.


VARON continues in its efforts to cooperate with the Colombian Civil Aviation Authority, its commercial partners and other authorities in its path for implementation of its Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) operations.


VARON is a disruptive mobility infrastructure company, implementing Advanced Air Mobility operations to provide potentially disruptive transportation services. For more information visit  Contact: