Skyscraper 2020 Motivates Implementation Efforts

January 8, 2021

Varon Vehicles Corporation launched its first company summit Skyscraper 2020 on November 20th of 2020. It brings together UAM stakeholders from around the world. This Varon Vehicles ecosystem of partner and collaborating companies, universities, entities, governments, civil aviation authorities, investors and individuals present their developments and ideas in Skyscraper 2020 with a focus on their collaboration with Varon Vehicles. The summit showcases ample content about implementation efforts in Latin America with a special place for the case in Colombia where the company has decided to implement its first systems, making it an attractive testbed for its partner companies.

As a result from Skyscraper 2020, many conversations are being currently held and design work has been propelled forward, as Varon Vehicles solidifies partnerships and collaboration entering 2021. Work is currently underway with its partner companies and with the Colombian Civil Aviation Authority to further develop the details of its Infrastructure Networks and implementation details. The company has very interesting plans in its roadmap ahead.

You can attend Skyscraper 2020 and all its content at any time in the Skyscraper section or using the link below.