Airspace Assigned to Varon Vehicles

March 22, 2019

The Aeronautics Authority of a non-disclosable country has assigned an airspace volume to Varon Vehicles to perform exercises of its flying cars Traffic Management System (TMS). According to known information, it is the first and only Urban Air Mobility Transportation Services Company to have been granted an airspace for this purpose.

Varon Vehicles has laid out a plan in conjunction with said Aeronautics Authority to perform exercises of virtual lane design, intersections orchestration, vertiports take off and landing, and other related flying cars traffic management exercises. The exercises will be done initially with small commercial drones and with scaled and unmanned V200 flying car prototypes. The plan is already undergoing its second phase of a multi-year roadmap that involves the later expansion of the assigned airspace volume and involvement of real sized, manned V200 flying cars. It also involves studies and drawings of first airspace volumes over a real city and its surroundings where Varon Vehicles is working to implement its Test UAM Transportation System. These will follow Urban Geodesics, which is what Varon Vehicles calls the shortest path between two vertiports taking into account the city’s no fly zones, existing low altitude aeronautics routes, topography, obstacles and known climate conditions. Varon Vehicle’s Urban Geodesics are confined to Class G airspace, maintaining a ceiling of operation of no more than 400ft AGL, as part of the company’s strategy to break the customer’s fear of flight.

This airspace assignment constitutes a major milestone for the company and for the country where this work is being done. It sets a very significant precedent as Varon Vehicle’s proposed transportation system overcomes long established aeronautics paradigms to be able to reach urban environments to service city customers.